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Plastering service offered throughout Kensington 

Covering surrounding areas including Croydon, Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham

High-Deco-UK are experienced plasterers offering our services in and around Kensington. We pride ourselves on only ever using the best materials and practises, making sure you are satisfied with the work we carry out. 

If you have walls or surfaces in your home are in need of renovation give us a call on 07429710820 or if you would like to know more about the services we offer please visit our page here.

Plastering is a vital process in any home renovation project - creating a smooth and modern finish to the walls in your home. Plastering a wall smooths out the surface area clearing all imperfections ready for you to apply paint or wallpaper to your personal taste. 

We always recommend bringing in a professional for plastering as it is a precise and delicate process that benefits from an expert to achieve the best results. Our plasterers across Kensington and the surrounding areas, have 17 years of experience in home decoration and many happy and satisfied customers. 

 What’s involved in plastering a wall or ceiling? 

1. The first stage in the process, our plasterers will ensure a clear and safe work environment and cover any areas that need to be protected. Removal of any dust and excess paper is completed before the plastering work begins. 

2. Plasterboard will sometimes be used to smooth out a wall that has larger imperfections in order to achieve a faultless finish. 

3. If required the wall will then be primed which helps the bonding process between the wall and the plaster. 

4. Plaster is then carefully mixed to create the perfect consistency for a smooth finish.  

5. Using our specialised tools, we will begin to apply plaster to the wall ensuring an even and flush surface. 

6. Once the plaster has been applied the final stage of the process involves our plasterer going over their work, giving your walls and ceilings the perfect finish. 

7. Our plasterer will then advise you on the after care of your newly plastered walls. 

For help from our qualified and experienced plasterers contact us with the details below. 

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For a high quality and friendly plastering service across Kensington, Croydon, Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, give us a call on 07429710820 or request a quote via our contact form. For information on other painting and decorating services that we offer visit our service page

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