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Things to consider before installing laminate flooring

Before getting a new laminate floor, there are a few things that you need to take into considerations. Read our blog to find out more or speak to our professional fitters by calling us on 07429710820.

What is Laminate Flooring?

This is a synthetic floor covering that makes your floor look like stone or wooden flooring. This has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. It comes along with plenty of benefits however there are a few things that you need to consider. 


There are different types of laminate floors available however not all are the same quality. You need to speak to a professional to make sure the laminate flooring you are choosing for your home is of really great quality, so you can get the most out of it. 


When it comes to deciding which laminate flooring is the best, the thickness of it is a major factor that contributes towards it. A thicker laminate gives a real wood feel as well as reduce any echos in the room when compared to thinner laminate flooring.

Shapes and Styles 

Laminate flooring comes in many different shapes and styles. You are able to order samples online and can have a look to see what it would look like in your home. If you need a hand with this, we will be happy to help. From guiding you through choosing the right laminate flooring for your home to fitting it in for you, we have you covered. 

Ready to speak to an expert?

Our laminate flooring fitters are available across Kensington and any surrounding areas including Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham. You can get in touch by calling us on 07429710820 and we will be happy to help. 

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We hope you choose High-Deco-UK for any laminate flooring services that you may require.