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Our Top 10 Painting Tips

Our painter has over 18 years of expertise and understands how messy painting can be! So, to maximise your performance while minimising the clutter, follow his top advice!

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Our Top 10 Tips for Painting & Decorating!

1) If you soak the tin of paint in a dish of warm water for 30 minutes before using it, the paint will be simpler to apply with better coverage.

2) It is always preferable to dampen a brush before using it to ensure an even application. Latex paintbrushes should be soaked with water, but oil-based paintbrushes should be dampened with paint thinner.

3) Before using new roller covers, they should be washed. It removes the fuzz that invariably comes off when you begin painting. Use water and dishwashing liquid. You don't need to let them dry after they've been rinsed.

4) If you can't finish a painting project in a single day, don't bother washing your brushes. Instead, cover them in cling film or a plastic bag and keep them cool. Paint trays can be sealed in a plastic bag. They will be ready for use the following morning.

5) When you're done with a tin of paint, dab a little Vaseline around the lid's lip. This will make removing it easy the next time it is used. 

6) When storing your paint, ensure sure the lid is securely fastened and turn it upside down for a few seconds before turning it upright. This will create an airtight seal and reduce the amount of skin on the surface when you open the pot again. 

7) To begin, you'll need a perfectly smooth surface. Using fine-grit sanding paper on a sanding pole, lightly sand the walls from the baseboard to the ceiling. Then sand the baseboard and ceiling horizontally.

8) Instead of masking tape, use blue painter's tape. Masking tape can create a sticky residue that is difficult to remove. Paint can also cause the tape to collapse or become wavy, allowing the paint to run underneath it. Apply tape on the wood, then use a putty knife to press the tape down for a secure seal. To avoid chipping, it's best to remove the tape as quickly as possible. 

9) Fill the bottom 1 1/2 inches of your brush with paint, tap each side on the interior of the container to remove any heavy drips, and begin painting. Wipe the paint off the brush but don't wipe it. Make a "load and go" decision. This is one of the most useful painting suggestions. 

10) To achieve a smooth, even finish, use the "W" or zigzag approach.

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