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Issues when painting and decorating large spaces in London

Mistakes are known to happen when you are painting and decorating a large space, especially if you are doing this by yourself. Here at High-Deco-UK, we recommend that you hire a professional painter and decorator so you do not have to worry about making any mistakes! 

Not prioritising the accessories and furnishings

People often think that getting a large room painted should be the first thing to do when redecorating. Before doing this, you also need to think about the style and design you would lie, from the furniture, patterns of the rug to the colour of curtains or blinds. This will help give you a better idea on the overlook of your new room and whether the colour of paint you are thinking of will go with it. 

Measure your space

Sometimes you may think having a large room leaves you with plenty of space for any type or size of furniture. However what you may realise that it can be a bit too big. Make sure you measure your room and furniture to ensure your new furniture does not take too much space. 

Using quality paint 

You may think you are saving money when you buy cheap paint, however after a few months, it could start to chip away or it may turn into a colour you were not expecting. Our professional painters and decorators highly recommend you use good quality paint so you can avoid disappointment. 


If your room lacks natural sunlight, it can make your room look dull. Natural sunlight helps brighten up any room so make sure there are a lot of windows and choose the right type of blinds or curtains to make the most out of your room.

Our painters and decorators are available across Kensington and the surrounding areas, including Croydon, Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham. You can get in touch by calling us on 07429710820