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Is laminate flooring different from other types of flooring?

Your floors get a large amount of traffic, from dirty shoes to wet paws.  As a result, you need flooring that can stand up to whatever your family throws at it. There are several options for new floors in your home, including carpet, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. 

Knowing the difference between the different types of flooring will assist you in selecting the hard floor surface that best fulfils the demands of your family while also providing the most comfort and convenience for your house.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made up of multiple layers of material that have been compressed together. Each layer is designed to increase the flooring's durability and increase resistance to moisture and wear and tear. You'll find the following items in a typical piece of laminate flooring:

- Back layer

- Core

- Decorative surface

- Wear layer 

Vinyl flooring on the other hand is designed and created using synthetic materials and although the two are very different from each other, more often people mistaken vinyl flooring as laminate flooring. 

Also, laminate flooring is created as an alternative to hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can be a little expensive as it made from solid wood. So if you are lookingn to achieve the look of hardwood flooring but are on a tighter budget, laminate flooring is the way forward. 

Depending on the look you desire in your home, laminate flooring can have varied textures in addition to different finishes. Some flooring is embossed, which means it has a texture that makes it appear and feel more like actual wood. Other laminate flooring options feature a smooth texture or a glossy, high-gloss finish, which is something that cannot be achieved with carpets.

So, which one should you choose?

Is laminate flooring the best option for you, or do you prefer vinyl or hardwood flooring? High-Deco-UK  can assist you in making a decision. Call our expert flooring fitters on 07429710820 and we'll be happy to help!