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How to pressure wash your patio, driveway and decking

If you are the type of person that enjoys hosting people and having their homes looking clean, having a dirty patio, driveway or decking could be frustrating. With vehicles stains on the driveway or build-up of algae on your wooden driveway could make your home uninviting. 

A pressure washer can help solve all of your problems and you can achieve a great finish without scrubbing the driveway, patio or decking on your hands and knees. Carry on reading to find out more or speak to our team to find out how we can help by calling us on 07429710820.

How to pressure wash a patio

Before you start to pressure wash your patio, make sure to remove any furniture or potted plants from there.  Next, use a broom to remove larger pieces of debris and dust. You now need to choose a detergent based on the type of material your patio is made from, this is very important because it will protect it. Finally, start from the furthest distance and work your way back using the right speed and volume of water. 

How to pressure wash a driveway

First, soak up your entire driveway by adding little detergent. This will massivley help to cut through the oil stains caused by any vehicles. To be on the safe side, start off with the lowest setting and make your way up. To maintain your driveway, we recommend sweeping it regularley to remove any build up of dirt.

How to pressure wash decking

Wooden deckings have become increasingly popular but after heavy use, they tend to show signs to wear and tear. Pressure washing your decking will help get rid of any dirt and help give it new life. Similar to driveways, start of with using the lowest setting on your pressure washer and do not have it too close to the wood as it could cause it to chip. 

We also recommend following the grain of the wood and use sandpaper to get rid of anny imperfections. If done correctly, it will ensure your decking lasts for many years.

Want to know more about our pressure washing services throughout Chelsea, Kennington and Croydon? Call us on 07429710820 and we will be happy to help.