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How often does the interior of my home need painting?

How often you you get your home repainted is highly dependant on several factors. Here at High-Deco-UK, we have listed a few of these factors for you. Carry on reading our bog to find out more.

Repainting your home should be every few years however there are a few things that cause it to lose their longevity. From cracks appearing to moisture occurring on the walls, if you experience any of these, than you need to get your room repainted. 

Here are the 3 main factors that contributes towards how often you get the interior of your home repainted. 

Paint Quality

Getting a high quality paint is one of the major factors which help determine how long the paint on the walls will last. The reason for this is because high quality paints have an easy application as well as less prone to splattering. Investing in expensive paint could save you more on the long run, especially because you do not have to get it painted for a long while. 

How often the room gets used

If there is a room that gets used more than other rooms, they have an increased chance of scrapes and chips. How often you paint a particular room will vary depending on how often it is used, room used the most should ideally get repainted eery 3-4 years.


Smoke is known to stain the walls in your home and can be difficult to remove. Similar to rooms that get used a lot, you need to make sure your room gets painted every 3-4 years. 

Here at High-Deco-UK, we can help evaluate your room, get in touch by viewing our contact details down below. 

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